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SoCo A Swedish study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found there was a 51% increased risk of having a kid with an IQ under 70 if you used a fertility treatment where sperm was injected directly into the egg.

The study wasn’t sure if the results were because of the procedure or the low-quality sperm, but I can say with absolute metaphysical certainty it was the result of both.

Life is all about competition, and getting a chick pregnant shouldn’t be any different. It should represent Darwinism at its finest, and the whole process was designed by Jesus Christ himself to separate the wheat from the chaff and eliminate all those losers who are supposed to be evolutionary dead-ends.

Don’t believe me?  Just look at the baby making process when it’s done properly.

First you have to defeat the other males in order to woo your mate. Then, you have to drug her or convince her in some other way to sleep with you. And then, the real battle begins.

Instead of using one lousy sperm you’re supposed to flood her filthy pubic regions with hundreds of millions of your wriggling little DNA bombs. And while you grab a well-deserved snack and a nap, they’re supposed to fight for the right to be one of your unwanted children.

Circle of life.  Circle of life.