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Are you a rich parent at a loss on what to buy your spoiled child who already has everything? How about the Gucci vest pictured to the right? That overpriced piece of fabric is a perfect match for your little prince’s designer haircut, and both jealous kids and fashion conscious pedophiles will have a hard time keeping their hands off it.

Thanks to Facebook, I just stumbled across this article in USA Today about designer clothes for kids. If you can read all of it without wanting to bludgeon at least one of the parents, you’re a better man than me.

My favorite quote was from the mom who said she spent $10,000 on her three-year-old daughter’s summer wardrobe because her daughter is a reflection of her. Sadly, she’s probably right. The little tyke now looks both shallow and vapid, and that’s probably a pretty accurate reflection of her mom.

I also liked the quote by the fashion editor of U.S. Weekly. She compared her kids to walking billboards and said they should be reflections of your style. Who knew kids were such perfect little fashion accessories?

The only silver lining here is that even though most of these kids will grow up to be pretentious carbon copies of their parents, at least one is bound to snap under the pressure and go Lizzie Borden on mom and dad.

I just hope she wears something tasteful to her trial. Maybe something demure by Christian Dior but with an accessory that has some Armani flair.