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fat Fantasy Football time is almost here and unless your league commissioner is a hydrocephalic tool named Aaron T., you’re probably trying to think of a sweet name for your team.

Well you can relax because Dan Jaworski, Uncle Smitty and I put our heads together and did all the hard work for you. Standard Yahoo rules apply (20 characters including spaces), so if any of them seem smooshed, that’s why.

1. Cummy Bears                                         14. Fist and Goal
2. The Three Spooges                                   15. Mrs. Butterface
3. Bi-Curious George                                   16. Sickle Cellmate
4. Above the Rim Job                                   17. Gone Fistin’
5. Just the Tip Drill                                  18. Diarrhea ofAnneFrank
6. Red Vag of Courage                                  19. Gimpin’ Ain’t Easy
7. Blind Date Rape                                     20. Semen & Garfunkel
8. 3Men1Baby1Cup                                       21. Schindler’s Fist
9. Southern Cumfart                                    22. Golden Shower Girls
10. Kool and the Gang Bang                       23. Great Muppet Raper
11. Zyclon Bees                                        24. Smooth Hate Criminal
12. Yom Kippervert                                     25. Hawaiian Donkeypunch
13. Back in Blackface                                  26. Rape Van Winkle

Bonus Thanksgiving names to keep things festive:

Plymouth Cock
The Gayflower
The Great Blumpkin