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Not this chick.  She's obviously awesome.

Not this chick. She’s obviously awesome.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality issued a report in which it called for the banning of all books that depict traditional family values and sexual stereotypes.

Any story that shows the father as the primary breadwinner and has a mother staying home and watching the kids would be kept out of European schools and daycares for fear it will foster traditional gender roles and negatively impact girls.

My only question is, Are you retards serious? You have no problem with a talking gingerbread man running out of an oven and taunting people who want to eat him, but you would ban the story because it shows an old married couple with the woman baking?

This is exactly why I can’t take you silly left-wing twats seriously. You take everything to the illogical extreme, and I can’t help but feel you need a strong male influence in your lives.

As soon as you get hysterical and say something dumb, he could gently shush you and tell you how stupid you sound. If that didn’t work, he could explain to everyone you’re probably on your period, and the blood loss is depriving your brain of oxygen.

Instead of trying to use someone else’s children as ideological pawns to advance your little agenda, maybe you should have kids of your own. Then you would realize these little monsters come pre-programmed from the factory and no amount of brainwashing is going to change that.

As the parent of a boy and a girl, I promise you that your daughter will naturally gravitate to dolls. She will try to take care of them, and if she’s like my little psychopath, she will eventually stuff them into the play oven when they’re bad. Then again, my pickled seed probably isn’t the best source to draw healthy gender conclusions.