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The Olympics may be over, but Turkish Journalist, Yuksel Aytug, is still taking heat for writing a piece claiming womanhood was dying at the games. He accused the competition of distorting the female form, and he described most of the female athletes as having the broad shoulders, flat chests and small hips of men.

He went on to correctly suggest that women should be awarded extra points for actually looking like women.

The backlash against Yuksel has been intense, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough. People shouldn’t just focus on one man. They should have the whole corrupt Olympic establishment in their sites.

For too long women have been considered second-class citizens, and even now, they’re only allowed to compete against other women. Is that fair? Hell, no. That’s why we should end these athletic Jim Crow laws immediately. Women should be put on an equal footing with men and allowed to compete head-to-head.

Can you imagine how awesome this would be? Boxing alone would resemble every single one of the holidays I remember growing up. For about a minute, a man would beat a woman senseless while she desperately tried to shield her face from the avalanche of blows. Unlike my family gatherings, at least at the Olympics a referee would step in at some point and stop it.

The track and field races wouldn’t be much better. The fastest woman to ever run the 400 meters was an East German who was pumped so full of testosterone, she resembled a pre-op tranny. Her record has stood for nearly 30 years, but it’s still four-and-a-half seconds slower than the men’s record.

People of the world unite. Demand that the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio be completely and hilariously gender neutral.