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Last Friday a freak storm hit the Washington, DC area, and it caused widespread damage and power outages. I was lucky and got my power back on in a few days, but some people are still out a week later. Considering that temperatures have been at or near 100 degrees all week, it’s made for a pretty miserable situation.

All of this makes me wonder, why in the hell do we put our power lines on poles where they’re susceptible to snow, ice and gentle breezes? Our country literally put a man on the moon over 40 years ago, but you’re telling me we can’t dig a goddamned trench, put lines in it and then bury it? It seems like a pretty simple solution, and I’m fairly certain we have the technology to make it happen.

Some have said the reason we can’t bury our lines is that it’s cost prohibitive. In built-up areas, it can cost as much as $15 million per mile, and that cost would have to be pushed on to consumers. I say bullshit, and we should do it the same way we built the railroads.

For starters, we’ll need a ton of Irishmen and an equally large group of Chinamen. If we can’t get enough Irish, we can probably just substitute Mexicans. Aside from color, they’re pretty much interchangeable. We’ll give then give each man a shovel or a pick, and let them do their thing.

I bet we could have those lines buried in a year, and at a fraction of the $15 million cost.