hotdogThe Dow Jones Industrial Average is near its historic high, members of the richest 1% of the population are the richest they’ve been in human history, and for the first time in centuries our economy isn’t the largest in the world.

And if there is one man on this planet who embodies everything that’s wrong with modern American capitalism, it’s Warren Buffet.

People used to hate rich industrialists like Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller, but at least they built huge companies that directly and indirectly created millions of jobs. Hell, Ford’s River Rouge plant alone employed almost 100,000 Americans at its height.

Now we don’t make anything, and the architects of the destruction of the American middle class are parasitic financiers like Buffet who would rather outsource jobs to third-world shitholes than pay living wages to middle class Americans.

And if outsourcing is too expensive, our financial oligarchs have broken down our nation’s borders so hordes of desperately poor people will come in and suppress wages. And since most immigrants are on welfare of some type, middle class families are being forced to subsidize their own destruction.

In the eyes of the financial elites, people are nothing more than machines to be categorized, utilized and economically sodomized.

And don’t for a second think dipshit Socialists like Bernie Sanders have a clue. Socialist systems have one thing in common – they always fail. Miserably. Politicians often don’t become politicians because they are smart businessmen who know how to make sound financial decisions.

Well, Romney did, but we didn’t elect him. Instead, you jagoffs chose a community organizer, and there’s a reason Fortune 500s don’t choose community organizers to be CEOs.

We need a leader who will run this country like a business and treat the American people like stockholders – not sheep to fleece at every opportunity.  Go Trump!