cowboy Welcome to the new Fascist States of America. Everything cool is against the law, and failing to sit quietly in your seat at all times earns you a one-way trip to jail.

Well, one guy isn’t playing by your rules America, and that brave son of liberty is Jeremy Mouton.

Last week Jeremy had a few (dozen?) drinks at Cowboy’s Saloon in Scott, Louisiana and at some point wandered into the parking lot, let his horse out of the trailer and decided to ride it into a bar.

Unfortunately, the band spooked the horse so he had to go back outside, but Jeremy is an enterprising fellow, and there are still plenty of fun things to do in the parking lot. For example, you can lasso some random guy and drag him down the road.

Nobody was seriously injured, and it all seems like good fun to me, but the po po disagreed, and Mr. Mouton was hit with multiple charges including disturbing the peace, second-degree battery, public intimidation and retaliation.

How in the hell are you going to charge the guy with disturbing the peace? It’s not like he was at a church function. He was at a redneck bar in Louisiana at midnight on a Wednesday night. I have a hunch that crowd has a pretty high tolerance for rowdy behavior, and this wasn’t their first bar rodeo.