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This odorless and tasteless drug is derived from the South American borrachero tree, and after being administered, it turns people into virtual zombies. People lose all free will, and after the drug takes full effect, it has the added benefit of preventing the person from forming any new memories.

In Columbia the drug is often used by criminals to rob and/or rape victims, and it’s commonly administered by just blowing a cloud of it into someone’s face as they walk down the street. One enterprising group of young women even put the compound on their breasts and then invited unsuspecting men to lick them.

In hindsight that seems like a pretty obvious trap, but it’s not really one that’s easy to turn down, either. The men were then kept hostage for days while the women completely cleaned out their bank accounts.

Bad press aside, scopolamine really is a wonder drug. Unlike roofies which just knock someone out, this drug leaves people awake and alert but unable to resist suggestion. As I mentioned earlier, it also leaves the person with complete amnesia of everything that happened while they were under its spell.

If you’re a sexual pervert, this is the drug for you. If you have a wife, unrequited love interest or maybe even an unsuspecting neighbor who is a little bit of a prude, this is just what they need to get their freak on. There is one caveat, though. This drug is fatal in large doses, so unless you’re also into necrophilia, be careful how much you give.