In the first known attack of its kind, Islamic militants used driverless cars fitted with explosives to carry out a series of bomb attacks across the city of San Diego yesterday.

The targets ranged from busy pedestrian areas to a small park where office workers enjoyed their lunches, and the death toll from the attacks stands at twenty, but it is expected to rise.

Mexican drug cartels are suspected of renting their smuggling tunnels to Islamic terrorists, and these tunnels were utilized to import the nearly 900 pounds of explosives that were used.

According to reports, the plot was originally planned to be twice as large, but the arrest of one of the group’s leaders caused them to speed up their timetable and launch their assault prematurely.

A pre-dawn raid in City Heights revealed the true extent of the original attack plan and how lucky we are this second phase wasn’t implemented.

A sophisticated laboratory was being used to combine gasoline and gelling agents into a Napalm-like substance. It appears this material was intended to be sprayed from five additional cars which had been outfitted with 150 gallon tanks and sprayer systems.

According to one of the investigators, this would have allowed them to launch this flammable mixture onto buildings, bridges and other flammable targets, causing the largest fire in the city’s history.

Though they believe the imminent threat has been eliminated, local government officials are still asking the public to be vigilant. According to information found in the City Heights location, the terrorists who carried out this attack discovered a software exploit that would have allowed them to take control of many other driverless cars.

Until this software is fixed, any driverless car on the road could potentially be used as a weapon.