I was never much of a fan of the show Fear Factor. I don’t find Joe Rogan as annoying as most, but if I wanted to watch morons put weird shit in their mouths, I’d offer to babysit my nephews.

In last night’s scheduled episode, the contestants had to drink a full glass of donkey cum and then chase it with a glass of piss. Bowing to public pressure NBC decided not to air the episode, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Somewhere out there are people who drank a full glass of donkey jizz for a chance at a top prize of $50,000, but then didn’t win.

I have so many questions here. First off, that seems like a lot of donkey semen. Did this require a herd of donkeys? Was there just one Peter North super donkey that provided it all with a wink and a smile? Did Joe Rogan give the donkey(s) a handy, or did they just buy the stuff? Who thought this was a good idea?

I’m almost impossible to offend, but even I have a hard time swallowing this. You might even say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Then again if the whole point of this was to get people to talk about a show with a tired premise that wore out its welcome years ago, than good job. And all NBC had to do was make a few desperate people drink donkey spooge to do it.