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This is a show on the National Geographic Channel that chronicles people planning for the collapse of civilization. The preppers run the gamut from yuppies, to suburban families to full-on survivalists building bunkers and spider holes in the wilds of northern California.

As a wildcard there were also two old hippies living in a decommissioned missile silo who plan to fight the coming apocalypse with flower power instead of gun powder. Here’s a link to where they live. If you find yourself near Topeka, Kansas at Armageddon, you probably want to kill them and take their stuff.

For years I’ve been planning for the apocalypse, but I’m only stockpiling ammunition and spices. I plan to turn to cannibalism almost immediately, and the spices are there to make my new human food source more savory. If you’re also considering eating people, be sure to avoid the brains and cook the meat extremely thoroughly. The cannibals of Papua New Guinea were ravaged by a mad-cow-like disease, called Kuru, they got from eating infected people.

If you’re leery of the cannibal lifestyle, but you don’t want to do the hard work of prepping, you may want to cast out some feelers and see if there are any preppers near you. You’re looking for someone who is stockpiling food and water, but who is incapable of defending it. They are going to be your little ants, slaving away to stock their nest. When the time comes you will be the aardvark who cleans them out.