donald-trump-awesome-hair The American public sucks, our politicians are terrible, and the media is the worst of the three.

The Democratic Party has become a goddamned caricature so hackneyed it would be rejected for a Saturday Night Live script. And this latest episode where Democratic presidential hopefuls had to beg forgiveness for saying that white lives matter is just the latest example of why leftists should never manage anything, for any reason – ever.

And don’t think for a second I’m letting Republicans off the hook. Foreign policy and the economy used to be their strengths, but now they’ve adopted a policy of ruinously expensive wars coupled with outsourcing our manufacturing base that’s sure to end in economic collapse.

But for all the faults of our moronic citizens, greedy corporate oligarchs and jagoff leaders, one the biggest millstones dragging our country to the bottom of the cesspool has to be the liberal media.

They want open borders, but also want a welfare state. They champion personal freedom, but crusade against any form of personal accountability. They say nobody should be told what to do, but expect everyone to be bailed out when their endless bad choices and screw-ups become too much to bear. And don’t even get me started about our new anti-racism obsession.

For too long politicians have cowered before these simpletons in their bully pulpits because we as a nation have been conditioned to be terrified of a bad review or any public criticism.

That’s why Trump’s bombast, bluster and flat-out prick attitude is refreshing. Rather than shrinking from conflict, he relishes it, and that’s why the left hates him so. Like religion, their dogma is best swallowed, not analyzed, and once part of it falls, the whole shaky edifice is in danger of collapse.