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Rosines Chavez, daughter of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, caused a minor uproar in her shit-hole of a homeland when a picture of her surfaced holding American currency. Ordinary Venezuelans were upset because their Socialist president has limited the amount of dollars ordinary citizens can own. People used this photo to call Hugo Chavez a hypocrite and cited it as further evidence of the family’s lavish lifestyle.

If you look closely at that picture you see that the kid is holding up about $40. That’s lavish in Venezuela? Wow. I knew the people’s revolution has caused economic chaos, and even though the country is a major oil exporter, there are rolling power black-outs, but damn. I probably make $40 a day. That would make me a Venezuelan millionaire.

I wonder if the wife would be up for a vacation to Venezuela. It would be nice to walk around a bunch of impoverished people and throw my wealth around. I might even splurge and rent the big burro to tool around Caracas. After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.