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The National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in 1966 and is committed to abortion rights, gay and lesbian issues, increasing immigration, affirmative action and any other grab-bag leftist cause currently highlighted on MSNBC or The Huffington Post. Unfortunately for NOW, private donations have plummeted in recent years and people who were formerly able to make a good income working for the organization are worried.

“It’s tough to get women to donate now,” one unnamed staffer said. “It isn’t like it was back in 1966. Our leftist education system has spent decades denigrating men, and we’ve seen the benefits of that. Eighty percent of all high school dropouts are now boys and more women than men graduate college. Heck, if current estimates hold, by 2017 there will be one-and-a-half female college graduates to every boy.”

I think they should try to reenergize their base with a more aggressive stance. Instead of the generic sounding name NOW, they should make it Tough Women Advocating Tolerance, or TWAT for short. Society has changed so much in the last four decades that it’s going to be tough for them to win their argument with facts. They should just give up and shift their focus exclusively to shrill, ear-splitting volume to get noticed.