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Over a third of all the money the U.S. government spends goes to Medicare and Social Security, and as our population continues to get older, that percentage isn’t going down anytime soon. I think it’s time we start asking if America needs an age limit.

The current life expectancy of an American man is 75.6 and it’s 80.6 for a woman. The news is even worse in Japan where men clock out at 79 and women at 86. At the other end of the spectrum is Mozambique where the life expectancy for both genders is 45 to 50 depending on who you ask. Then again, about 10% of the country has HIV, and it’s responsible for over 20% of the deaths in any given year. Fire gets an honorable mention by causing about half a percent of all deaths. In fairness, it was a fairly recent discovery there.

I think we need to seriously consider an age limit in the U.S. I think 75 seems more than reasonable, and when men and women reach that age they will have to report to a Sleepshop. In the event they try to flee, a special force of Deep Sleep Operatives called “Sandmen” would be tasked with hunting them down.

Basically I advocate stealing the plot from the book Logan’s Run except we won’t put jewels in anyone’s hands and the age limit won’t be 21, because frankly, that’s just ridiculous.