The start of the 2014 NASCAR season is still seven weeks away, but Danica Patrick proved she is already in mid-season form by causing a six-car pile-up in the parking lot of a local shopping center.

Danica was in the Charlotte, NC area visiting her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and she reportedly took a trip to the upscale SouthPark Mall to browse the newest arrivals at Neiman Marcus.

According to her spotters, she made the first turn into the store’s parking lot without incident, but that’s when things started to go wrong.

“I guess she just lost her concentration,” one of them said. “She clipped the bumper of an SUV, and then over-corrected and side-swiped an elderly driver in an Escalade. By the time it was all finished, she somehow backed into a few other cars and crushed a Rascal scooter.”

Her crew chief, Tony Gibson, was quick to shift blame away from Danica, and he mentioned how a row of shrubs at the far end of the lot obstructed views and made the parking lot “an accident waiting to happen.”

Witnesses at the scene weren’t as kind. A group of middle-aged Asian women dismissed the idea that landscaping contributed to the crash, and they even pointed at Danica and openly mocked her for her poor driving and parking skills.