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harrison Aside from Internet pornography and the incomparable Glock 23, nothing good has been invented since the 1950s. That’s why I prefer to watch the History and Military Channels .

I don’t care if it’s a video of our boys reducing Nazi cities to rubble or a commercial for the 37 Packard and its 8 mile-per-gallon fuel economy. It could even be a short film about the home-front where happy black and white civilians enjoy a nice segregated lunch.

Those videos really capture a golden age, and I get a bit misty-eyed realizing we’ll never experience them again.

In between documentaries they tuck in some reality programming, and the show Pawn Stars isn’t bad. The variety of the merchandise brought into the store usually gives co-owner Rick Harrison, or one of his experts, the chance to give a little history lesson, and it’s usually interesting and informative.

That’s why I paid attention last week when I saw Rick was getting married, and I was blown away when I saw how hot his wife was. Just look at her up in that picture. She looks like a model, and he’s a dead-ringer for my insurance agent.

Now I wonder what his son’s wife looks like. I don’t know anyone who looks like him, but he does bear more than a passing resemblance to Rusty from Squidbillies.


Prove me wrong, people.