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As a former manager of a group home, I’m a man with experience both corralling and wrestling the mentally challenged. I can tell you with some authority that they’re no stronger than you or me. The difference is they fight with all of their strength, while non-retards try to match the level of force to the situation at hand.

When grappling with the mentally challenged you have to fight fire with fire. You need to fully commit to the fight and not hold anything back. Also keep in mind, they’re working off pure instinct. It’s more like wrestling an animal than a person. If you put your hands by their mouths, you’ll get bit, and it will be your own fault.

I personally gave up wrestling them years ago and adopted the cattle prod as the most efficient way to gain compliance. After just one or two shocks, they become trained and will recognize the prod as soon as it’s removed from the case. Unless you’ve got a particularly aggressive one, they’ll normally run back to their cages for safety.

Here’s another helpful tip. After you’ve locked them in, and made sure they have food and water in their bowls, you can finally get a little well-deserved rest. If they start to make a racket, just droop a blanket over their pens. They’ll assume it’s night-time and go to sleep.