dog Crumbling western governments and their failing elitist media supporters have suddenly decided Senator Joseph McCarthy was onto something with his plan to blacklist people and news outlets that express opinions contrary to state-approved dogma.

From now on, “fake news sites,” which basically means any outlet that refuses to toe the party line, will be censored because people cannot be trusted to make up their own goddamned minds and separate fact from fiction.

And we’ll just conveniently overlook the fact that world leaders didn’t seem to have any problem with the fake news that led to the disastrous U.S. invasion of Iraq or the equally dangerous Iran nuclear deal.

Oddly enough, my biggest beef with the press isn’t their unceasing leftist bias, it’s the constant pissing, moaning and whining and steadfast refusal to ever look on the bright side and cover genuinely happy news.

The liquor store by my house just ran a sale on Jagermeister, and I feel like that should elicit at least as much coverage as some stupid sinkhole that ate a car in Florida.

A few years ago I stumbled on a homeless village in the woods behind the commuter lot in Stafford, VA and one of the filthy transients had actually constructed an oven out of mud to cook bread. Once again, I find this vagrant’s ingenuity far more interesting than yet another media sponsored LGBT propaganda blitz.

Our world is a pretty amazing place and cheap liquor and handy hobos are just the tip of the iceberg.