Chomsky dickhead If Noam Chomsky was a woman, I would slap him. He is often described as one of the most influential left-wing thinkers on the planet, and he’s a darling of freshmen college students everywhere, which makes sense because he seems to have the same grasp of politics and foreign affairs as your average eighteen-year-old kid.

He’s a believer in what is called libertarian socialism, which is a silly muddle of anti-capitalist beliefs aiming for a society that would be run as a peaceful anarchy.

There would be no paid labor because people would only do jobs they found rewarding and useful, which seems to miss the important problem of how do you get people to drive the trash trucks, run the sewer plants and do all the other shit jobs they only take to avoid living on the street?

Last week Chomsky went on the show Democracy Now and said that ISIS executioner Jihadi John only turned to extremism because Britain “shunned” him, treated him as an outsider and forced him to find somewhere to belong.

Not to burst your liberal bubble, Noam, but we’re all trying to find a place to belong, and Jihadi John’s family wasn’t exactly oppressed. They were paid the equivalent of $600,000 dollars in state benefits over twenty years, which is slightly more than the $0 my country has given me over the same time period.

And I don’t really think a lack of Western tolerance is the problem when you’re talking about a prick who is cutting off victims’ heads in furtherance of a world-wide Caliphate that would force Islam on mostly unwilling victims.

No matter what they believe in, you can’t argue with fanatics because they feel they alone know the real truth, and that is precisely why they should be mocked, shunned and ostracized whenever they’re met. And if you’re a Muslim who feels unwelcome in the West, I’m sure there are plenty of third-world shitholes you can move to where you’ll feel right at home.