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China’s commitment to space exploration shows no sign of waning, and next year the country plans to send an exploratory vehicle to the moon to conduct a survey of the lunar surface. This will be their first moon landing, and many feel it’s just a tune-up for their real goal of putting a man on the moon in the next ten years.

When I was a kid, China was still a back-assed agrarian country struggling to feed its starving masses. Now, they’re going to the moon, which we used to own. They’re also poised to overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy in a few years. How did they come so far so quickly?

For one, their population has a high average IQ. Western leaders and journalists like to pretend that there’s no link between race and IQ, but they’re either lying or uninformed. There is no nature vs. nurture argument. Your intelligence is primarily inherited from your parents, and on that count, the Chinese hit the genetic lottery.

Two, they cheat. This is probably the one thing I like most about them, and I deeply admire their willingness to gain any competitive advantage without letting silly morals get in the way. They violate trade agreements, steal technology and are masters of industrial espionage. Hell, they even cheated at Olympic badminton. God I respect that.

If America is going to keep up with the Red Chinese, we’re going to have to turn to genetic engineering. We can flood our public schools with money and recruit the best and brightest teachers, but none of that will matter if we’re forced to try to educate a bunch of drooling morons. If we’re going to defeat China, we’re going to have to literally make a better American.

Instead of paying women to have abortions, our government should be buying those unwanted children. We could then use them as the raw material for scientific experimentation and other hideous crimes against nature. I suspect that in ten years we could biologically engineer children so smart, the very gods in heaven would tremble at our approach.

You want to dance, China? Let’s dance.