As I was driving home from work last week, a woman cut me off, and I thought how awesome it would be if that wasn’t real, but happened in a video game. I’d promptly hit save, pull up to her car and shower it with bullets. The anger would be out of my system, I’d reload the game, and I’d be able to play normally without any pent-up rage or murder charges.

During the two-hours it took me to get home, I thought a lot about this, and I’ve decided that virtual reality is the best reality, and the real-world sucks. In a few hundred years life will be like the Matrix. We will all live in clean, comfortable little pods, and our interactions will all take place in the digital world.

There is really no down-side to this. All of the women will have huge boobs, and if you need money, you’ll just have to kill some small animal and a coin will magically appear. And speaking of magic, we’ll have that, too.

I guess the only limiting factor will be we need some drones to actually do maintenance on our little pods, but I assume robots can do that. And, if they just so happen to develop consciousness, enslave us and use us for batteries, I can’t say that I really give a shit. So long as I get to stay in my little pod and enjoy the good life, you robots can go nuts.