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dentist Over a hundred million Americans don’t have dental insurance, and even if you do have it, it probably sucks. Procedures like crowns and dental implants can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars out of pocket, and people are seeking cheaper alternatives.

If you’re not squeamish about having your work performed in some third-world shithole, dental tourism may be for you.

There are a number of reputable sites on the web where you can see prices and plan your trip, but there are risks. As a general rule you get the lowest costs in the worst countries, so be sure to temper your expectations.

If you decide to have work done in Mexico or Central America, be prepared for chickens, burros or other livestock to wander into the room both before and during your treatment.

But don’t worry, these animals are almost always tame, and you’re far more likely to die of hepatitis from contaminated instruments than you are from a donkey bite.

If you want to combine dental and sex tourism, you probably want to go to Eastern Europe. But once again, there are dangers.

The dentists and hygienists there are only marginally less filthy than the prostitutes, and under no circumstances do you want to be rendered unconscious by either one of them.

While in Kiev a friend of mine was sedated for a procedure to correct his receding gum line, and I’m 99% sure I spotted his unconscious body on a Russian bukkakke site a few months later.

So unless you’re ok with a half-dozen Slavs spooging on you while you’re knocked-out in the dental chair, I would steer clear of the Ukraine.