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hotdog Good job liberal media. Your non-stop leftist propaganda finally succeeded in forcing the last true bastion of traditional values to fold its tent and bow to non-existent public pressure.

The Boy Scouts are going to allow gays to join as both leaders and members.

This is bullshit, and I hate the way organizations water down their requirements and standards to try to please everybody. First women are allowed in combat and now this.

Since nothing means anything anymore, I guess the Boy Scouts will just give away the sodomy merit badge now, too.

When I was a young Scout, the sodomy badge was one of the most coveted and hardest to earn. Now, they’ll probably just throw them around like confetti. You walk in the door, get corn-holed, and someone just sews it on your little sash.

Well, kids, that’s not how we did it back in my day. It took plenty of wine coolers and subterfuge to earn that badge. Your Scout Leader didn’t just tear into your sensitive anal tissue like a wild animal. It was like a long, slow dance, and when it was done, you felt like you earned something.

Since we no longer have standards, I guess they’ll be letting Catholics join next, and that’s just what we need. A bunch of little Irish and Mexican Papists worshiping Idols and trying to put a Stuart back on the throne.