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American-backed terrorists “freedom fighters” took a break from their noble campaign to bring peace and democracy to Syria by carrying out two suicide bombings that killed and injured hundreds in Damascus, Syria yesterday morning. The first suicide bombing was used to attract people to the scene to help the wounded, and the second was detonated to kill anyone who responded.

These bombings occur two months after moronic U.S. politicians John McCain and Lindsey Graham called on the U.S. to arm the men who are battling the Syrian government. They seem to have overlooked the fact that many of the soldiers currently fighting the Assad regime are actually the same terrorists operating across the border in Iraq.

Syria is a close ally of Iran, and the U.S. and other western governments seem committed to making a deal with the devil to deprive Iran of an ally. There is good evidence the U.S. and France have already supplied weapons to the terrorists, although Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims we’ve only provided $12 million in non-weapons aid.

This situation in Syria would be like China arming the Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan because both groups oppose the U.S. government. We’re backing people in Syria who are hostile to democracy and human rights and who are waging a campaign of murder against Syria’s citizens to achieve their agenda.

And what happens if they win? Are we going to have to invade in ten years because we’ve created yet another terrorist state like we did in Afghanistan by supporting the Mujahideen?