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A small explosive device detonated outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin Sunday, and it caused minimal fire damage to one of the exam rooms. I can’t find any pictures of it, but it sounds like a Drano bomb, which is a fairly simple but sinister device.

Basically, people mix Drano and tin foil in a plastic bottle, and the gasses build up and cause the bottle to explode. The explosion is powerful enough to cost you a few fingers, but the worst part is you get covered with boiling Drano that can blind you or cause second or third degree burns.

Drano bombs are notoriously unpredictable, and it may go off as it’s being made, after being placed, or it might not explode until someone picks it up and disturbs it. As a rule of thumb, if you see a soda bottle near an abortion clinic, you probably want to steer clear of it.

I don’t really understand the logic behind bombing an abortion clinic. If you think abortion is a sin, dousing someone with a super-heated caustic chemical probably isn’t the best way to curry favor with your God. And, it’s not like bombing one clinic is going to make a difference.

Let’s assume for the sake of an argument, you were able to bomb every single clinic in the U.S. Then what? Are you going to bomb every coat hanger factory? Are you going to go after every store that sells knitting needles?

Women have been getting rid of unwanted pregnancies for thousands of years, and nothing is going to stop that. In Africa families actually had carved wooden abortion sticks that were handed down through the female line. Some have even speculated that blacks are such good dancers because they’ve spent millennia dodging those sticks. I’m not a scientist, so I don’t know.