I’ve spent most of Presidents’ Day ignoring my wife and kids and watching the Top Gear marathon on BBC America. After about six straight hours, I have to say that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May might have the best jobs on the planet.

I can’t even comprehend how cool it would be to get paid to travel the world and drive expensive sports cars on awesome roads. I also love the fact that most of their challenges end in a bar. Most of my challenges also end in a bar, but I’m not a millionaire and I definitely didn’t drive a Ferrari to get there.

This show has inspired spin-offs around the globe and is viewed over three hundred million times a week in over 100 countries. I would also hazard a guess that every single viewer is male, with the possible exception of a few butch lesbians here and there.

On some level the show appeals to most male viewers. Even if you aren’t a car guy, you have to admit it would be cool to try to drive to the magnetic north pole, race a tank cross country or follow the route of the Three Wise Men and drive across the Mideast in second-hand convertibles. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I’m sure there’s a cooking show you can watch. Nancy.