dump You’ve got to hand it to Charm City. While urban areas like D.C. and New York managed to clean up some of the blight and actually make a few areas comparatively safe, Baltimore took a slightly different, more “fuck it” approach.

Ellwood Park looks like 1980s Beirut, and unless you’re really in need of heroin, there is absolutely no reason to ever go there. Aside from anywhere in Camden, Baltimore is one of the worst areas in the Mid-Atlantic, and we should have just let the rioters burn the goddamned place down.

And now that cops are afraid that politicians and news outlets will use them as scape-goats to further their agendas, they’ve stopped doing their jobs and Baltimore has done the unthinkable and managed to get even more terrible.

There were 43 murders in the city last month, which is the highest monthly murder total in nearly four decades. And since Baltimore is steadily shrinking in population because no one actually wants to live there, the per-capita murder rate is actually even worse.

It’s hard to believe but Baltimore wasn’t always a cesspool of human waste and urban decay. At one point, like cities across the country, it actually had a thriving economy and was an industrial center. Then, as we outsourced all of our manufacturing jobs so the rich could get a lot richer, everyone who was left was out of work and out of luck.

Over the long term, things aren’t going to get better in Baltimore, or the country as a whole for that matter, and they’ll probably get worse. For reasons that still baffle me, we’ve decided to gut our economy, open our borders and then build a welfare state we can’t afford on top of the mess.

I guess on the plus side I really do love to watch shit burn, so there’s always that to look forward to.