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In 1954 veterans of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division, with assistance from a local Catholic group, erected a statue a Jesus on public land in Montana to honor those who died in W.W. II. Now, a group of whiny pussies calling themselves the Freedom From Religion Foundation are threatening to sue if the statue is not removed.

The statue overlooks a ski resort and was originally erected with the permission of the Park service, but the government agency revoked that permission after the atheists complained. After more people complained about that, the Park Service reversed their stance and said the statue could stay because it was an historical display rather than a religious icon.

Look, I understand why people are hostile to religion. It sucks. Sitting through church is excruciating, and because of political correctness we can’t even do cool things like kill infidels or burn people at the stake. I get that, but I still have a problem with this atheist group, or any other stupid group protesting and throwing a little hissy fit because people don’t agree with them.

If you don’t worship Jesus Christ then ignore his goddamned statue. It’s as easy as that. I’m literally asking you to do nothing. I personally hate Burger King, but I don’t freak out and threaten to sue every time I have to drive by one of their awful restaurants. I just keep going and don’t look back.