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I got my first real gun when I was ten years old, and the first day I took it out, I respected all the rules. It was an awesome .22 rifle, it was deadly accurate, and pretty soon there wasn’t a can on our farm that didn’t have a hole in it. After about a day the notion of playing by the rules got old, and since I’m an insane redneck, I shot at a plane. Luckily I missed, but my uncle saw me do it, and my gun was taken away until I could use it without committing a federal crime.

The Federal Aviation Administration has agreed to let a number of police departments start flying drones, and the department in Montgomery, Texas is considering arming their drone with “non-lethal” weapons. Since its Texas, I have to assume they consider anything under a grenade to be non-lethal.

I’m actually thankful this is happening in Texas. I assume a Texas drone is going to have a life-span of about six days because people are going to make a sport of shooting the stupid things down. The more I think about it that does seem like a lot of fun.

We’re currently using armed drones overseas to kill suspected terrorists, but it’s not like we’re all that accurate with our targets. After extensive research, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has estimated that about 28% of the people killed by drones are civilians.

The problem with drones is you’re only getting a bird’s eye view of the situation. You can’t talk to witnesses, and you’re being asked to make split-second decisions with limited information. It’s one thing to use them for surveillance to help officers, but arming them is ridiculous, and I hope some dork finds a way to start jamming them.