moneylen Islamic militants just went on another killing spree, and everyone wants to blame Islam, which makes sense because Islam sucks and most of its adherents are dirty, smelly peasants, but Islam isn’t really to blame for these deaths.

If you want to take issue with this back-assed religion, focus on things like the fact that most practitioners still view women as little more than domestic servants. As a father of three with two daughters, I find this unacceptable.

The Koran was written about 1,400 years ago, and Islam is trapped in a medieval time warp that effectively misses out on the development of ideals and morals over the last millennium-and-a-half, but it still isn’t a handbook for murder.

I believe in a Supreme Being who provides guidance to help mankind without directly intervening, but I fully accept the fact that I’m probably wrong and we’re just talking monkeys drifting aimlessly through the abyss of space.

If you’re someone who thinks your God is telling you to kill those who believe differently from you, you’re just a lunatic, and it’s the equivalent of murdering others because a character in a book told you to do it. The real truth is most of the major religions are just philosophical texts designed to minimize man’s inherently murderous nature. And even Islam, militant or otherwise, isn’t responsible for these attacks. If you want to blame something, blame human evolution.

For most of our history, people lived in tribes that were fighting everyone around them for scarce resources. If you’ve ever read a history book, you have to notice war and conflict are the norm, not the exception, and a certain subset of the population is always looking for a fight.

These people often grab onto a creed to justify their actions, but it’s only a justification. They weren’t motivated by the beliefs; they just use them for cover for their own psychopathic tendencies.

Look at Christianity. It’s basically a pacifistic religion written by some sandal wearing hippy preaching peace and love, but people have used it to justify everything from slavery to genocide.

This is exactly why we should be plowing every extra goddamned scientist and dollar into genetic engineering to increase the intelligence of our species to finally free us from our own genetic limitations.

And yes, assholes, we would be playing God. That’s the entire point.