This cat gets it.

Since I’m not retarded, I view antibiotics and vaccinations as two of the greatest inventions in human history. Prior to their creation, we were virtually powerless against infectious disease, and people had large families because someone was always dying.

Unfortunately, researchers at McMaster’s University in Ontario recently found that Penicillin does have one little drawback. If given to children, it alters chemicals in their brain, affects gut bacteria and seems to cause increased aggression later in life.

Lead author Dr. John Bienenstock did offer a bit of a silver lining. He found that probiotics given in conjunction with penicillin keeps anger at bay, and this raises an interesting question about the role microbes in our stomach play in maintaining good mental health.

It also raises one other interesting question. Did antibiotics make all of you resentful, easily-offended, whiny little bitches?

As a cynic, I expect nothing and usually less, so getting outraged just isn’t in my DNA. And as an alcoholic, I know that a sweet release from the pressures and disappointment of life are never more than six beers and five Jägermeister shots away.

If you’re someone who is always looking to argue on social media, is convinced you have all the answers and get mad whenever you hear a viewpoint that doesn’t match your own, you’re a cunt and antibiotics may be partially to blame. And while it’s too late for you, if you have kids make sure they’re given a probiotic so this current state of social douchebaggery can slowly die on the vine.