hot teacher As a father of three, I believe men who sexually assault children should be castrated and burned at the stake, but attractive ladies having sex with teen boys are not criminals, and this country needs to stop tormenting these poor women.

Former Utah high school English teacher Brianne Altice is now facing nine felony charges for allegedly having sex with a sixteen and a seventeen-year-old boy, and the charges include four counts of rape, two counts of sodomy and three counts of forcible sexual abuse.

Just take a look at poor Brianne as she stands in front of that judge with her sexy little librarian glasses, sensually biting her lip, and ask yourself, does this woman look like a sexual predator?

And what do they mean by sodomy? Technically, it can be a blowjob or anal, and if this chick gave up the back door, that’s enough for an acquittal in my book.

Back when I was in high school simply sniffing the chair of our hot English teacher was a rush, now you want to tell me banging one is a crime? IT’S NOT!

Christ, when I was sixteen I remember rubbing one out to a hill that looked like a boob, so don’t even tell me these kids were somehow scarred by tapping this hot piece of ass. Try getting an erection every time you drive through foothills. That’s a goddamned mental scar.

Every single man on this planet has at some point fantasized about banging his hot teacher, and if we’re going to continue to prosecute these poor women, they’re going to stop banging students, and that’s the real crime here.