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The world media seems fixated on the imaginary danger of a nuclear-armed Iran, but they’re ignoring the real threat. All across the globe animals are attacking and seriously injuring humans at an astounding rate.

A 21-year-old man was found dead inside the tiger enclosure at the Copenhagen zoo yesterday, and the cause of death was a bite to the throat. There’s no word on how the man ended up in the tiger pit, but I suspect he was lured there by one of the animals pretending to be injured. When he rushed in to help, they preyed on his sympathy and murdered him.

On Monday a woman in Washington State was attacked by a pack of raccoons as she was walking in the woods. The pack emerged from the brush, chased her and eventually brought her to the ground. When the vicious assault was finally over, the poor woman was left with nearly a hundred wounds.

Last week chimpanzees at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa brutally mauled a graduate student who was working to protect them. Andrew Oberle, a bright-eyed, 26-year-old was viciously attacked without warning and provocation, and if not for the quick work of doctors, surely would have died. The malicious monkeys bit off some of Andrew’s fingers and toes, ripped out one of his eyes and even tore off a testicle.

These attacks are just the tip of the iceberg, and how many thousands of others happened and didn’t make the news?

In the old days, man killed every animal he could find. We did it for food, we did it for sport, and we did it to appease our cold and indifferent gods. And because of that, animals knew their place. If it wasn’t domesticated, it ran it’s little ass back into the woods as soon as a man appeared. We were feared, and we were respected.

Now, limp-wristed animal rights protestors have turned the tables, and they’ve convinced animals that man is weak, and he can be attacked with impunity. Groups like PETA have emboldened our animal enemies, and ordinary men and women have been forced to pay the price.

If we are going to regain the upper-hand in this struggle, we must strike back against these furry fiends with the fist of God. Only when the woods and hills run with their blood will they know that we are the top of the food chain and not to be trifled with.