bomb on whiteI knew it! For years I have been telling my wife this, but she has steadfastly tried to suppress this necessary part of my health regimen. Flipping out and yelling at people who deserve it isn’t just fun, it’s actually good for you.

Researchers Marcus Mund and Kristin Mitte at the University of Jena in Germany found that holding back negative emotions could have profound effects on your physical and emotional health. Those who internalized their rage were found to be at greater risk for everything from high blood pressure to heart disease to cancer.

Their study, published in the journal Health Psychologies, analyzed over 6,000 patients and they identified a group they called “repressors” who were particularly at risk. These people avoid confrontation, and I have a hunch they didn’t have management called on them at Giant Grocery for yelling at a customer last week.

I don’t want to get off track here, but if the express lane says 15 items or less, don’t roll your big ass up in there with 31 goddamned items and act like it isn’t a big deal. I know how to count, and it isn’t like you exceeded the limit by a few items. You doubled it, and then added one more just to really yank my chain.

Did I go overboard when I made fun of you for buying boxed wine and cat food and called you a suicide waiting to happen? Probably, but any pity I had for you disappeared when you went to the manager and told on me.

And I hate to break this to you, but the guy you spoke with manages the beer and wine department, and let’s just say that Gus and I are acquainted. He even sent me a Christmas card this year, which is probably a warning sign when you think about it.