Giggles According to the Daily Mail, an Argentinian-born veterinarian, identified in court records only by the initials MG, is accused of accidentally killing his wife while trying to give her liposuction at his veterinary clinic in Benijofar Spain.

After her death, he then did what any reasonable person would. He chopped her up into little pieces, said she was a big dog and took her to a pet crematorium.

The operator of the pet crematorium did notice that the supposed dog did seem a bit bigger than normal, but since the veterinarian was a regular customer, he didn’t think much of it.

Unfortunately, the veterinarian’s kids weren’t as understanding, and after a few weeks of the little snoops pestering him about where their mom was, the good doctor cracked. He told them everything and asked them to tell the cops.

My initial gut reaction was this is bullshit, and he must have killed his wife and concocted this story to make it seem like an accident. But the more I think about it, it does seem plausible. I know veterinarians have liposuction equipment because my neighbor just paid one to suck some fatty lump out of her dog so it could be biopsied.

You mix in easy access to the equipment, a fat wife, and maybe a few horse tranquilizers to help you relax, and I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often.