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Being a little generous, aren't you Senator?

Being a little generous, aren’t you Senator?

Senator Lindsey Graham took to the Sunday morning talk-show circuit to sound the alarm that the terrorist group ISIL presents “a direct threat to our homeland” and president Obama needs to do something about it.

He blamed Obama for failing to take decisive action against ISIL when the group was first identified in Syria, and he went on to predict that an “American city would be in flames” if we didn’t conduct a sustained campaign against them.

During the interviews he conveniently forgot to mention the fact that in 2012 he and fellow brain-dead war hawk John McCain were pushing the U.S. government to arm the Syrian opposition forces battling President Assad, and it turns out these “freedom fighters” were actually the genocidal militants he now wants to attack.

He also forgot to mention that he was a key supporter of the war in Iraq that removed Saddam Hussein and created the power vacuum that has directly led to the emergence of ISIL.

We attacked Iraq to free the people from a brutal dictator and we’ve directly and indirectly caused the deaths of more people than he ever did.

Politicians like Lindsey Graham caused this mess, and now their only solution is to bomb the most radical militants and hope things magically improve. Meanwhile, there will always be another group waiting to bubble to the surface to take their place.

Lindsey isn’t right about much, but he’s correct a major U.S. city will get hit, and thanks to the Right’s rampant militarism and the Left’s refusal to protect our borders, there’s not a goddamned thing we can do to prevent it.