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al-gore-tuxedo It seems we found something Al Gore likes more than green energy and that’s greenbacks. After selling his joke of a television station, Current TV, to oil funded Al-Jazeera, Forbes magazine estimates Gore’s net worth is now over $300 million.

Conservative commentator and weeping vagina Glenn Beck originally tried to buy the channel, but Gore said Glenn Beck’s beliefs didn’t jive with Current TV’s “ideology,” and he wouldn’t make the sale.

Gore should have left beliefs out of it and said he didn’t want to sell it to Glenn Beck because he sucks, and he should get re-addicted to coke and booze again so he wouldn’t be such a little crybaby.

As for ideology, that’s just BS anyway. Al-Jazeera is controlled by the government of Qatar, which is run by an absolute and hereditary monarchy. The royal family has become fabulously wealthy because of their control of Qatar’s oil reserves, but I guess that’s just an inconvenient truth.

On the plus side, they could be considered somewhat progressive by Mideast standards. According to Amnesty International, they only flogged half a dozen foreigners last year for alcohol violations and for illicit sexual relations. That’s pretty good, right?

The more I think about it, maybe I’m being too hard on old Al Gorezeera. Sure he’s a fraud and a hypocrite, but he was only worth a couple million when he ran for president, and he’s now one of the richest men in the country.

And now that he’s super rich and dumped his fat wife Tipper he can finally embrace his real ideology — getting paid and getting laid. As a man, I guess I’m morally obligated to respect that.