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Mexico has made huge aeronautical strides since Diego and Julio Ortiz, often called the Mexican Wright brothers, made their historic heavier than air flight from the sand dunes of Tampico in late 2001.

Their balsa wood and duct tape constructed plane may have only been powered by three leaf-blower engines, but when it left the ground that chilly winter’s day, it lifted an entire nation with it.

Flash forward eleven years, and the Mexican airline industry is booming. Gone forever are the bad old days when if Mexican citizens wanted to travel by air, they had to tie helium balloons to lawn chairs and simply drift wherever the currents took them.

Mexico’s largest domestic carrier, Aeromexico, went public last year, and they just flexed their newfound financial muscle by purchasing 90 Boeing 737-8 planes and 10 Dreamliners. Thanks to this order, Mexico’s oppressed masses will soon be able to board state-of-the-art American-made jets and quickly and affordably fly away from their horrible country.

When I contacted my Mexican cousin, Juan Codajoy, for his take on this huge order, he couldn’t stop gushing with pride. “I can’t believe how far our country has come. When I was a kid in the 70s, the trip from Mexico City to my hometown of Merida could take weeks. And that was only if a chupacapra didn’t eat your burro. If it did, it could take months.”

If you’re a citizen of Mexico, feel free to fire your pistols into the air and dance happily around an oversized novelty hat. Your country has finally arrived.