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Last week Carmen Tisch punched, scratched and wiped her ass on a piece of art at a Denver museum that was worth an estimated $30 million dollars. When I first heard about this, I figured she must have attacked one of the great masterpieces. For that much money, it had to be a painting by Rembrandt, Botticelli or Michelangelo, right?

Nope, it was that bit of finger-painting you see off to the right by the hack Clyfford Still. Honestly, look at that piece of crap. You could put a paint brush in Michael J. Fox’s mouth, hide his Parkinson’s medication, and he would still probably be able to paint something better.

I think Hitler best summed up abstract art. He described it as “stammerings of men to whom God has denied the grace of a truly artistic talent, and in its place has awarded them the gift of jabbering or deception.”

Hitler was a mentally deranged lunatic, and even he saw through this sham. Abstract art is like a story told by your boss. You nod your head, pretend to like it, but only an idiot would truly enjoy it.