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Asian Americans may have household and personal incomes exceeding everyone else, including whites, but it’s good to see they can still play the race card on occasion. The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) recently released a set of guidelines on what isn’t acceptable to print or say when discussing basketball player Jeremy Lin.

I read over it, but it was too long and confusing. Here’s how I would have written it:

Wrong:  After that slant move to the basket, we know at least one Chinese person can drive.

Wrong:  Lin’s patented gook and juke move claims another victim.

Wrong:  Put down your bowl of rice and hold open your eyes because you’ll want to see this.

Wrong:  Not since they built those railroads has a Chinaman put down the hammer like that.

Wrong:  If I hadn’t witnessed it, I wouldn’t have believed it, but an Asian just stole a basketball from a black guy.

In addition to being clear and concise, these real-world examples should help journalist navigate that confusing PC minefield. And, if someone still calls you racist, do what I do. Delete their comments and email them a picture of a fat guy giving a midget a handjob.