Guess what? I can. When I am looking for Japanese preggo porn, I don’t want to have to sift through Koreans, Malays, Chinese and Indonesians.

Contrary to my other racist rants, not all Asians are the same. For the women at least, each race is like a little snowflake, and each one is special in their own way. Do your job and don’t just lazily fill out the set with anything you can find with slanty eyes.

The same thing goes with Indians. Actual India Indians. The dot if you’re asking feather or dot. I have yet to look at an Indian gallery without them slipping at least one Hispanic in on me. I will get to the Hispanic women when I’m damn good and ready.

Where’s the professionalism? Where’s the love? Back in the old days, this shit never would have happened. Do you think Reuben Sturman, the “Walt Disney of Porn,” couldn’t tell an Indonesian from a Thai? You know damn well he could.

Now, any frat boy with a computer can be a pornographer. He steals a little content, sets up a few sites, and poof. There it is for the whole world to see.

Well, sir, it takes more than that to be a true professional. You must slave over your work. You must gorge yourself on a steady diet of creampies and pattycakes. Only when you’ve lost all sense of self and truly devoted yourself to your craft will you be a pornographer.