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ESPN just fired Anthony Federico for posting an article on ESPN’s mobile website with the title “Chinks in the Armor, Jeremy Lin’s 9 Turnovers Cost Knicks in Streak-Snapping Loss to Hornets.” ESPN also suspended Max Bretos for asking on-air if turnovers constituted a chink in Lin’s armor.

ESPN decided that since chink is an Asian slur, and since both Federico and Bretos committed the unconscionable crime of using an unrelated phrase with a homophone of that slur when discussing an Asian player, they had to be punished. One lost his livelihood, and one had his career short-tracked for oblivion.

How stupid have we as a country become? Bretos is married to an Asian woman for Christ’s sake. We’ve become so hyper-sensitive about race, intent no longer matters. Instead of focusing on instances of discrimination and abuse, we’ve become a totalitarian regime self-policing and punishing anyone who doesn’t toe the party line, no matter how murky or ill-defined it may be.

This country needs a healthy dose of common sense where race relations are concerned. We’ve developed a system with no safety valve. It’s like a steam engine that keeps building pressure with no way to vent it incrementally and safely. At some point there will be an explosion, and you have addle-brained liberals with more good will than good sense to thank for it.